Welcome to the W5JCK.com Website

Hello, I'm Jack Swinden.

Welcome to my newly redesigned website designed to showcase and provide resources for my hobbies and passions and community service.

My favorite hobby is taking photographs and videos of the night sky, sometimes referred to as astrophotography.

I am also an active Extra Class amateur radio operator (ham radio) and my call sign is W5JCK, hence the name of this website. If you ever monitor the ham bands and hear "Whiskey Five Juliet Charlie Kilowatt," that is me.

Night Sky Photos and Videos

If you came here to look at my night sky photos and videos, then please check out my Flickr Page to see my latest and most complete gallery.

Alternatively, you can view a selected few of my night sky photos on my Astrophotography Gallery. (Note: I don't keep this gallery up to date like I do my Flickr page.)

Amateur Radio

I'm an active ham and a member of the Arlington CERT and the Tarrant County RACES, and I'm a W5YI Volunteer Examiner. I operate HF, VHF, and UHF when I have the time and the bands are open.

If you are interested in amateur radio, then please visit my Amateur Radio Page.

Swinden and Wakeman Family Trees

I've spent a lot of time in the past year or so researching my family tree. I have an account on Ancestry.com where I built my family tree, but I realize that not everyone has an account there and I wanted to make my family tree available to family and friends. So I created a website containing my Swinden and Wakeman Family Trees. Feel free to browse it. It is scaled down from what I have on Ancestry.com, but there is enough information for family to see where we came from.


Thank You for Visiting!

Feel free to drop by my website any time! If you want to contact me by email, please use the Contact link in the page footer section at the bottom of this page.