Welcome to the W5JCK.com Website

I'm Jack Swinden. Welcome to my newly redesigned website designed to showcase and provide resources for my hobbies and passions: amateur radio, astrophotography, and community service.

I reside in Everman, Texas in the southwest part of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, grid square EM12ip. I hold an Extra Class license with code (well code lite anyway) and actually studied for my exams rather than just memorizing the answers like so many do today.

A Secure and Malware Free Website


I use GoDaddy as my hosting service. I prefer to call them GoCrappy! Apparently they do a very poor job of keeping out hackers. So I've had to purchase and install Security software on my site. My website never contained malware or redirects. However, hackers had been able to plant a bogus htaccess file that caused certain search engines like Google to return bogus redirected links when anyone used those search engines. Hopefully I have that all cleared up now. My apologies for any redirects you received through Google Search.


In last few years I've developed a passion for nightsky or astrophotography, so I have set aside a part of this website to showcase my photographs and videos as well as to discuss related resources and methods.

Amateur Radio

I'm an active ham and a member of the Arlington CERT and the Tarrant County RACES, and I'm a W5YI Volunteer Examiner. I operate HF, VHF, and UHF. I have both analog and digital (D-STAR and Yaesu System Fusion) capability.