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                  Tarleton Woody
1774-1850, 1st Great-Grandfather
            Wilson Woody
1824-1884, Paternal Grandfather
Benjamin "Jack" Wakeman
1891-1971, Spouse
                Sarah Wilson
1780-1850, 1st Great-Grandmother
    James Rudolph Woody
1862-1927, Father
Ida Mae Woody
          Sarah Ann Brown
1827-1903, Paternal Grandmother
                Laban M. Stewart
1803-1885, 1st Great-Grandfather
          Pleasant L. Stewart
1834-1899, Maternal Grandfather
                Nancy Ellen Wells
1806-1883, 1st Great-Grandmother
      Nancy Etta Stewart
1868-1949, Mother
                  John W. Starkey
1805-1865, 1st Great-Grandfather
            Agnes Ann Starkey
1834-1894, Maternal Grandmother
                  Julia Ledger
1809-1870, 1st Great-Grandmother

Migratory Paths of Ida Mae Woody's Ancestors

The DNA Connection to the Settlers of the Blue Ridge Mountains

My DNA results indicate a 20% confidence level that I am a member of this genetic community. No one in my extended family had ever heard of this connection, but it did not take long to find a direct connection in my maternal family line. One of the prominent surnames connected with the Settlers of the Blue Ridge Mountains genetic community is Woody. More specifically, this is the Western North Carolina Settlers genetic community. North Carolina was first settled by the second and third sons of aristocratic English families and the indentured servants who worked on their tobacco and cotton plantations. Scottish, Irish, and German immigrants soon followed, spotting the mountains of western North Carolina with farms and settlements. My maternal grandmother was descended from the Woody family who migrated from Ireland and England and settled in this genetic community. This is illustrated in the map above depicting the migratory paths of the Woody family, my maternal grandmother's ancestors.