Welcome to the W5JCK.com Website

I'm Jack Swinden. Welcome to my newly redesigned website designed to showcase and provide resources for my hobbies and passions and community service.

I reside in Everman, Texas in the southwest part of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, grid square EM12ip. I hold an Extra Class license with code (well code lite anyway) and actually studied for my exams rather than just memorizing the answers like so many do today.

Amateur Radio

I'm an active ham and a member of the Arlington CERT and the Tarrant County RACES, and I'm a W5YI Volunteer Examiner. I operate HF, VHF, and UHF. I have both analog and digital (D-STAR and Yaesu System Fusion) capability.

I hope you find the material and resources useful. Please note that I have drastically reduced the number of resources on my current website. I'm getting older and my health is not always good, so I have decided to scale way back.

73 de W5JCK


My SHACK at EM12ip: For ham 2m/70cm I am using a variety of mobile and HT rigs that allow me to work analog FM as well as three of the main digital voice modes. For HF I'm using an Icom IC-7200 and a CommRadio CR-1a receiver. Additionally I use an Icom IC-F420 UHF LMRS radio to monitor GMRS and local emergency services on UHF, and I use a Uniden BCD536HP and a BCD436HP for general scanning.

MOBILE: I use a Yaesu FT-7800R VHF/UHF with a Comet SBB-5 for VHF/UHF. I also use various HTs with digital voice modes while mobile.

D-STAR: II have been operating in D-STAR since November 2014. I have an Icom ID-880H with D-STAR installed and an Icom IC-51A Plus D-STAR HT. To be honest though, this is my least favorite digital mode.

Yaesu System Fusion: I have been operating in Yaesu System Fusion since March 2016 following the purchase of a Yaesu FTM-3200DR. I occasionally work a local YSF repeater in digital. However, I do not visit Rooms as I prefer HF for long range communications via radio.

DMR MotoTRBO: I have been operating in DMR MotoTRBO since May 2016 following the purchase of a TYT MD-380. So far I like this digital mode the best.

Organizations: I'm a member of the Arlington CERT and the Tarrant County RACES, and I'm a W5YI Volunteer Examiner.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Regretfully, I no longer have the time to maintain the articles, charts, Extra Class study aids, and manuals in my amateur radio website. This portion of the website will not be updated very often, if at all, nor will the material contained herein. Please do NOT contact me with suggestions for edits, corrections, et cetera. I have truly appreciated those comments, but I simply have no time to devote to this at the moment. The information contained herein should be considered static. Hopefully one day I will be capable of once again maintaining this information on a more timely basis.